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Tooth bonding at Smart Smile Dentistry.

The most important ingredient of having an attractive smile is to have perfectly shaped, shiny white teeth. If you are not happy with the shape, color or appearance of your teeth, then Dr. Paivi Samant at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida can help you enjoy the smile of your dreams with the help of tooth bonding. Our Gainesville, FL dentists have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and with bonding restorations.

What is tooth bonding?

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure in which a tooth colored filling material is applied over the surface of chipped, crooked, stained and fractured teeth so that you can smile again with confidence, without having to worry about showing your crooked and stained teeth whenever you smile or speak. Dental tooth bonding can be used to correct a wide array of teeth imperfections, such as chipped, worn, gapped or misshapen teeth. It can also be used to cover stains and discolorations that will not respond to professional teeth whitening.

Who can benefit from tooth bonding?

You are an ideal candidate for tooth bonding, if you are having any of the following functional or aesthetic dental problems:

  • Crooked or Chipped Teeth – tooth bonding can be very effectively used to restore the shape and structure of broken teeth.
  • Excessive Teeth Gaps – the ideal treatment for excessive gaps between adjacent teeth, or diastema is orthodontic treatment. However, diastema can also be cosmetically corrected with the help of tooth bonding.
  • Permanently Stained Teeth – while most teeth stains can be easily removed through a teeth whitening procedure, some developmental teeth stains are permanent, and the only way to hide their unaesthetic effect is to apply tooth bonding over them.
  • Complete Smile Makeover – if you are not happy with the color, shape or size of your teeth, then your Dr. Samant can provide you with a complete smile makeover with the help of tooth bonding.
  • Fractured Teeth – in case one or more of your teeth have been fractured as a result of a trauma, their shape can be easily restored through tooth bonding.
  • Replace Metallic Fillings – metal fillings are not only unbecoming in appearance, but they also carry several health adverse effects. Tooth bonding with composite filling materials is an excellent alternative to silver amalgam fillings.

We can easily craft a balanced, attractive smile that fits well with your other features in just one office visit.

How is tooth bonding performed?

At Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL, tooth bonding is a very simple and quick procedure which is usually requires a single visit to the dental office. Tooth bonding involves the following steps:

  • Patient Evaluation – first, Dr. Samant will perform a detailed oral examination, so as to assess the severity of your teeth deformities and staining. Afterwards, a treatment plan is chalked out while specifically considering your dental needs and aesthetic demands.
  • Tooth Preparation – once Dr. Samant has determined that you are a suitable candidate for tooth bonding, she will prepare your teeth by slightly removing the front surface of your crooked or stained teeth, so as to create room for the bonding. At this stage, the color and shade of your adjacent natural teeth will also be recorded.
  • Etching the Teeth – once the teeth have been prepared, an etching agent will be applied to your teeth for about 30 seconds, which will demineralize the outer layer of your teeth. A thin layer of a bonding agent will be applied over the demineralized tooth, which helps in the attachment of the composite filling to the tooth structure.
  • Placement of Composite Filling – finally, composite filling that matches the shade and color of your adjacent teeth will be applied over the tooth surface, which is polymerized by exposing it to a visible (LED) light source. Afterwards, final finishing and polishing of the filling will be performed so as to achieve maximum aesthetic results.

Why should you prefer tooth bonding over other tooth restorative options?

Tooth bonding in Gainesville, Florida carries several advantages over other restorative procedures:

  • Aesthetics – tooth bonding with restorative composites is probably the most aesthetically pleasing restorative option among direct filling materials. This is because of their ability to match the color and shade of the adjacent natural teeth.
  • Safety – unlike the amalgam filling materials, composites are quite safe and do not carry any health risk. Therefore, they can be safely used for restorative purposes.
  • Minimal Natural Tooth Loss – excessive natural tooth structure has to be sacrificed for the placement of amalgam fillings, veneers or crowns. In contrast, in case of tooth bonding, only the carious tooth structure has to be removed, thereby preventing unnecessary removal of the natural tooth structure.
  • Repair – unlike crowns, veneers and amalgam fillings, which have minimal potential for repair, composite fillings can be easily repaired. In case, old composite fillings cannot be repaired, they can be readily replaced with new ones without the further sacrifice of the natural tooth structure.
Answer: The bonding process generally takes no more than one hour per tooth.

Caring for your bonded teeth restorations.

Like all other filling materials and prostheses, bonded teeth fillings require special care and oral hygiene maintenance.

  • Bonded Teeth Fillings Can get Stained as Well – just like your natural teeth, bonded fillings can also catch tea, coffee or tobacco stains. The best way to prevent staining of bonded restorations is to maintain a perfect oral hygiene through regular brushing and flossing.
  • Prevent Bonded Restorations from Fracture – eating hard and sticky food items, like caramel, nuts etc. can result in the failure of the bond between the filling and the tooth. Therefore, you should avoid eating hard foods with bonded teeth directly.
  • Regular Dental Checkups – by visiting your dentist regularly, you will ensure that any problem with your bonding or your natural teeth is readily solved and you enjoy a perfect physical and oral health.

How long will teeth bonding last?

The expected duration for which bonded teeth fillings will last, basically depends on how much you adhere to Dr. Samant’s instructions regarding their care, as well as your oral hygiene maintenance routine. Generally, bonded teeth filings can last for even up to a decade, if they are cared for properly.

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