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Multiple tooth implants at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL.

Dentist offering dental implants in Gainesville, FL. Perhaps you are planning to have some of your teeth replaced with dental implants. You have made a very wise decision. But before you go ahead and book an appointment with us at Smart Smile Dentistry, our dentist, Dr. Paivi Samant recommends that you know what dental implants are and why they are best option for replacing your missing teeth. Continue reading to find out more about dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is replacement tooth root, as firm as a healthy natural root, or even better. It is made from an alloy of a very strong and well-known metal titanium alloy which possesses some very useful and special properties. The implant is screwed into your jaw bone directly, where the jaw bone naturally and willingly grows into the surface of the implant. You will read more about it in a subsequent paragraph. On top of this metallic screw is an abutment on which is placed a very natural looking artificial tooth. Perhaps, the best thing about dental implants is that multiple artificial teeth can be supported on a single implant.

Why are implant supported prostheses so successful at Smart Smile Dentistry?

You must be wondering as to why implant supported artificial teeth are so strong and durable? This is due to fact that titanium alloy promotes bone formation around the implant. In this way, the dental implant becomes firmly retentive within the jaw bone. This phenomenon is known as osseo-integration. What happens during this process is that bone cells tend to grow into the surface of the metal over a period of months. The implant surface thus acquires a very natural continuity with the jawbone adding to the strength provided by the threaded structure. Being a natural process it takes place gradually, and may take three to six months depending on the health of the host bone, and the overall health of the patient.

Why choose dental implants.

Our patients choose implant-supported bridges and partials for a number of reasons. A traditional dental bridge is held in place by attaching crowns to neighboring teeth, but some patients either do not have structurally sound abutment, teeth or would rather not alter healthy teeth for this procedure.

Dental implants will replace both your lost natural teeth and some of the roots.

Removable partials are held in place with special clasps that attach to surrounding teeth and can cause tooth damage as well. However, when bridges and partials are supported by dental implants, they stand alone and do not harm your remaining natural teeth.

How many implants do I need for replacing multiple teeth?

Dental implants can be costly, more costly than any of the alternatives for multiple teeth implants. Surely, you want to know how many implants are required in your own case. The good news for you is that you do not need one implant for every tooth you want to replace. The number of implants required for all necessary teeth on one jaw can be four, six, or eight, depending on the health factors. The term ‘all-on-four’ is quite popular term meaning that teeth of a jaw are supported on just four implants. Of course, the exact number of dental implants in your case will depend on various factors like the results of your oral examination, your requirements, and your budget and aesthetic priorities. Let’s take a look at some of the options available at Smart Smile Dentistry for replacing more than one tooth.

Multiple teeth replacement options.

In case more than one tooth is required to be replaced, the following configurations are possible. The exact choice will be made during discussion with you after the assessment examination.


Fixed partial bridges

Fixed partial bridges at Smart Smile Dentistry – if the two or more (but not many) teeth to be replaced are adjacent, a bridge structure supporting the crowns will be affixed to one or more implants.


Fixed complete bridges

Fixed complete bridges at Smart Smile Dentistry – all teeth of a jaw are supported on 4, 6, or 8 implants, which provide excellent support and retention to these bridges.


Implant supported removable overdentures

Implant supported removable overdentures at Smart Smile Dentistry – removable dentures can also be provided over dental implants. However, in these cases, precision attachments are used, which ensure that the dentures do not move while you are speaking or eating. Female end of the precision attachment is usually attached to the fitting surface of the dentures, while the male component is attached to the implant.

How are multiple teeth replaced with dental implants?

The traditional process of getting implants is extended over months, and many visits and it starts with:

  • The assessment examination – this important step is carried out by an implant specialist. Your general health, medical and dental history, and a thorough examination of your mouth (involving 3-D imaging using X-rays) will be essential inputs for the implant specialist to assess your implant needs.
  • Options and discussion – the results of the examination will determine options available to you. A frank discussion of your desires and your budget priorities with the dentist will then determine what is to be done. Based on this discussion the implant dentist will make out a plan including the number and type of implants, their locations, angulations, and the restoration they are to support.
  • Treatment of disease – if there is any condition (e.g., gum disease) that needs treatment, it will be treated first.
  • Bone and gum augmentation – if your jaw does not have sufficient bone or gum flesh in the desired locations, bone and flesh grafting can be done. That will take time to heal.
  • Extraction – if any extractions of loose or decayed teeth are part of the plan, those will be completed under local anesthesia.
  • Installation of the implants – holes are drilled in the gum at preplanned locations using speed-controlled drills to avoid damage to bone cells. The implants will then be screwed in using controlled torque.
  • Construction of the dentures and application – beautiful removable or fixed dentures are prepared using CAD /CAM technology. Once your dentures are ready, they are applied immediately and checked for fit and aesthetics. If both you and Dr. Samant are happy with the results, you can go home and start impressing people with your smile!

Multiple tooth dental implant replacement procedure explained further.

The implant placement procedure is generally the same for multiple tooth replacement as it is for single tooth replacement. Dental implant replacement is a staged process that can take several months. Once you are deemed a good candidate for the procedure, our dentist will map out a treatment plan using radiography, special computer software and templates to help us choose optimal placement in the alveolar bone.
Our dentist use two or more strategically placed titanium implants to hold your prosthesis in place. An implant bridge is used for adjacent missing teeth and is permanent. Partial dentures, however, may be anchored with special bars or locator attachments affixed to the implants, and they may be removable.
The implant, which is a small titanium cylinder, is placed in the bone under local anesthesia. The gum tissues are then sutured around the implant, and you must wait six weeks or longer for osseointegration to happen. This is the process of the jawbone tissues healing and adhering to the titanium implant, which the body eventually accepts as a natural body part.

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If you’re missing more than one tooth, traditional options for replacing them include a fixed dental bridge or a partial denture. These are still effective ways of preventing the negative oral health consequences of tooth loss, but Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL offers you another option for multiple tooth replacement: stabilizing your bridge or partial with the help of dental implants.
Dr. Paivi Samant is a well-known and highly respected dentist in the region of Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Samant has been providing high quality dental restorative and cosmetic services to the residents of Gainesville for many years now. If you want to get your teeth replaced with dental implants in a pain-free and comfortable manner, then you should consider visiting us at our office in Gainesville, Florida. Best of luck, and best of smiles.

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