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Tooth extractions at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL.

Dental tooth extractions offered by a restorative dentist in Gainesville, FL. Tooth extraction is a procedure in which hopeless, crooked and diseased teeth are removed from the oral cavity in order to prevent further disease progression and involvement of adjacent teeth. Teeth need to be extracted once all options at restoring them have failed. At Smart Smile Dentistry, Dr. Paivi Samant will first make sure that all attempts have been made at restoring your diseased and carious teeth, before deciding to extract them.

When is dental tooth extraction required?

Although contemporary restorative dentistry techniques and procedures have dramatically reduced the number of teeth that needed to be extracted nowadays, some situations still require tooth removal. Keep reading to find out when teeth extraction may be required:

  • Teeth that cannot be restored – in some cases, where an infection in the teeth progresses to such an advanced stage that the tooth can no longer be restored. In these cases, Dr. Samant will perform a dental extraction of these teeth.
  • Impacted teeth – teeth that are unable to completely or partially erupt into the oral cavity are known as impacted teeth. The gums surrounding these partially erupted teeth is prone to getting infected, causing significant pain and discomfort. Hence, impacted teeth are extracted at Smart Smile Dentistry, so as to prevent frequent re-infection.
  • Retained baby teeth/primary teeth – baby teeth (a.k.a. milk teeth) start getting replaced with their permanent successors around the age of 7. Sometimes, the baby teeth do not come out and get retained. These teeth need to be extracted in order to create space for the underlying permanent tooth to erupt normally.
  • Supernumerary teeth – supernumerary, or extra teeth not only ruin one’s smile, but they also create hindrance during eating and smiling. In addition, they can also result in crowding of teeth and misalignment. Therefore, these teeth are extracted as soon as possible.
  • To relieve teeth crowding – teeth crowding occurs when there is insufficient space available in the jaws to accommodate the eruption of all teeth in perfect alignment. In these cases, one or more teeth are extracted from each side of the jaw to create room for re-alignment of the remaining teeth with the help of orthodontic treatment.
  • Teeth that are in the line of radiation – some people use radiation therapy for the treatment of maxillofacial cancers. In these cases, teeth that are present in the path of the radiation have to be extracted.

How are teeth extracted at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville?

If Dr. Samant decides that one or more of your teeth need to be extracted, she will give you an appointment for the day and time of your convenience. Before extracting your teeth, Dr. Samant may order some blood tests to make sure that you are fit for surgery. You should make sure to let Dr. Samant know if you have any underlying medical problem such as Diabetes, Hypertension or any blood clotting disorders. You can expect the following during your dental extraction procedure at Smart Smile Dentistry.

  • Administration of local anesthesia – dental extraction is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is always carried out under the effect of anesthesia. In case of highly apprehensive patients or when a lengthy procedure is anticipated, tooth extraction may also be carried out under sedation.
  • Tooth luxation – once we have made sure that you are completely pain free and comfortable, Dr. Samant will start the tooth extraction procedure by removing the fibrous attachments between the tooth, gums and the periodontal ligament. Next, Dr. Samant will make your tooth mobile in its socket by using an elevator.
  • Extracting the tooth – once the tooth is sufficiently mobile, Dr. Samant will take the tooth out by applying gentle and controlled outward forces. Extraction of each type of tooth requires a specific type of extraction forceps. After the tooth has been taken out, the bony socket around the tooth is squeezed to raconteur the jaw bone. A cotton gauze is then pressed inside the socket to control bleeding and to promote clot formation.

Post-operative instructions after tooth extractions.

After the extraction of a tooth, you should take care of the following:

  • Don’t eat from the affected side – if you eat from the side where the surgery has been performed, it can result in the dislodgment of the clot, which will ultimately delay healing.
  • Avoid spitting – spitting can also result in the dislodgement of the blood clot.
  • Take soft diet – soft diet should be taken for at least 2 days after, so as to promote healing and to prevent clot dislodgment.
  • Ensure optimal oral hygiene – quick healing of the surgical of the extraction is only possible if you strictly take care of your oral hygiene.

Types of dental extractions

  • A simple extraction – this procedure is used to remove teeth that can be seen in the mouth and are easily accessible.
  • A surgical extraction – this is a more complex procedure which requires an incision into your gum to gain access to the tooth to be removed.

At Smart Smile Dentistry, our experienced dentist can remove any tooth: central incisor, lateral incisor, canine, first premolar, second premolar, first molar, second molar, third molar (wisdom tooth).

Getting your missing teeth replaced after the extraction.

  • Now that you have gotten a tooth extracted, you will need to get it replaced with a prosthetic one. Failing to do so me result in the migration of the adjacent and opposing teeth into the vacant space, which will ultimately result in misalignment of the remaining teeth. To get your missing teeth replaced, we will offer you the following options at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL:

    • Removable dentures – removable dentures are a cost-effective and convenient option for replacing missing natural teeth. However, they need to be removed during teeth cleaning and while sleeping. Furthermore, since they are removable, they do not restore optimal chewing and speech capability of the oral cavity.
    • Tooth dental bridges – a bridge is a prosthetic appliance that is used for replacing one or more missing teeth. Since bridges are fixed to the adjacent teeth, they have excellent retention and ensure improved chewing and speech efficiency.
    • Dental implants – dental implants are considered as the best option for replacing missing teeth, owing to the excellent aesthetics they provide as well as their superior efficiency and durability. A single missing tooth is replaced by placing a crown over the implants, while multiple teeth are restored with the help of removable or fixed dentures.

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