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At Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL, we understand that like all intricate machinery, your body—including the complex systems within your mouth—requires regular maintenance and repair. The natural wear and tear your body endures applies equally to your oral health. Restorative dentistry plays a critical role in this necessary upkeep, focusing on the preservation and repair of your teeth, gums, jaws, and other elements of the oral cavity. Our skilled dental team is dedicated to restoring, rather than replacing, your damaged dental tissues. We strive to maintain the integrity of your natural smile through expert restorative care.
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Dentist in Gainesville, FL offering restorative dentistry services.

Why is restorative dentistry essential?

Restorative dentistry is crucial because it addresses any damage to the oral cavity that might result from neglect, natural wear, or accidents. This branch of dentistry involves diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions within the oral cavity to restore both function and aesthetics. Often referred to as ‘rehabilitation dentistry’ or ‘oral rehabilitation,’ restorative dentistry not only aims to repair and maintain dental health but also improves it. It frequently encompasses elements of cosmetic restoration, enhancing the appearance of the teeth while also improving oral function. This comprehensive approach ensures that individuals can maintain both the health and beauty of their smile.

Restorative dentistry services at Smart Smile Dentistry

Fillings is possibly the most common restorative operation. Caries can occur because of various factors including improper oral hygiene, unbalanced diet, etc. accidents can also demand a procedure like filling. A timely restoration of a cavity is like ‘a stitch in time’ and will save you a lot of cost and trouble later. A variety of filling materials is now available to suit different functional, aesthetic and budgetary considerations:

    • Silver amalgam – These are quite economical and last long. The ingredients can be readily mixed in the office itself and filled. The job is completed in one visit. However, they show up with a distinctive color. These are not employed for the visible teeth. Some people also show concern about the presence of mercury in the filling, but it has been verified that the amounts involved pose no threat to human life.
    • Composite Tooth Fillings – Composite tooth fillings are more expensive in comparison to amalgam fillings. Their greatest advantage is their ability of color matching to the host tooth and the neighboring teeth. However, they tend to get stained by tea, coffee, etc., easily. In addition, they are not as strong, are subject to wear, and last only a few years. These filling are readily applied within the office in a single visit.

Crowns are used for protecting weak and restored teeth, especially after a root canal treatment. Crowns can be made out of various materials like steel, gold alloy, porcelain, etc., depending on the functional requirements, cosmetic wishes of the user, and his or her budgetary priorities.

Dental bridges are a common restorative solution used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth, known as pontics, which are held in place by dental crowns attached to the adjacent natural teeth or implants. This creates a literal “bridge” across the gap left by missing teeth. Bridges not only restore the appearance and functionality of a person’s smile but also prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of place, which could lead to further oral health issues. They can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramics, or metal alloys, designed to match the color and strength of natural teeth. Dental bridges are a durable option that can last many years with proper care, helping to maintain the alignment of the bite and the overall health of the mouth.

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