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What is a partial denture?

Prosthodontist in Gainesville, FL offering partial dentures. A partial denture is a prosthesis that is designed to fill in the gaps when some teeth still remain in the dental arch. Partial dentures are created from a variety of materials, including rigid plastic, a metal framework or flexible Valplast. Our dentists at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida location will help you choose the appropriate prosthesis to complete your smile and help you eat and speak with confidence.

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Partial dentures fill the gap between two existing good teeth. The good teeth on either side act as anchors and give support to the bridge. A metallic or an acrylic framework supporting the base and the artificial teeth (called pontics) attaches to the support teeth with the help of metallic wires. The base sits snug on the gum and also derives support and retention from the adjacent teeth with the help of metallic clasps.
The support teeth have to be prepared to receive the wires. Sometimes the wire ends are made into a loop which fits around the support teeth. Alternately, crowns could be placed on the support teeth on which the wires are attached. In either case the support teeth are trimmed to make space either the wires or for the crown thickness. The baseplate is made according to impression of the mouth taken by the dentist. This impression is sent to the lab which makes the denture. The dentist specifies the color of the neighboring teeth to the lab where the staff ensures that the teeth have color matching the adjacent natural teeth. The denture is then fitted and adjusted by the dentist.

Partial denture may also be supported on implants. This could be the case when good teeth are not available to act as supports. In case the denture is supported on one side only on a single implant it will be called. At Smart Smile Dentistry, FL our dental team specializes in providing you with comfortable and very high quality implant retained dentures.

Dentures may feel uncomfortable and awkward for the initial few months. It may take some time to get used to speaking and eating with the dentures on. It is quite normal to get a loose or bulky feel until muscles of your cheeks and bones get used to holding the denture in place. You may also feel some irritation and possibly soreness around the denture. Saliva flow may become excessive along with a feeling that the tongue is not free. Implant supported dentures do not suffer from these limitations.

If looked after properly, your dentures can last for many years, implant supported dentures can last even more. However, with passing time conventional dentures will need to have their bases relined. This is because the gum bone and flesh underneath tend to shrink. This makes the denture loose fitting and eating, and speaking become difficult unless the denture is relined. The life a denture can be prolonged by observing a few precautions.

  • Dentures are delicate and can break or crack if they fall. Handle them standing over folded (for thickness) towel or a basin filled with water.
  • Do not wear cracked, chipped, or broken dentures, and do not try to repair them yourself.
  • When you are not wearing them removable dentures must kept soaked in a soaking solution or in plain water. If allowed to dry out they can warp and not fit later.
  • Brush them and floss daily to remove food deposits and plaque, and to save them from getting stained. Ultrasonic cleaning is not really as effective as brushing and flossing.
  • Must visit your dentist for a checkup regularly. The frequency should be once or twice a year.

Thinking where you should get your partial dentures? Then you have come to the right place. If you a resident of Gainesville, FL then Dr. Paivi Samant at Smart Smile Dentistry, FL should be your first choice. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today to get your missing teeth replaced with dentures, and start enjoying a charming smile and complete teeth functionality.

Unlike a dental bridge, which is cemented into place, a conventional partial denture is removable. It is held in place with clasps that attach to some of your natural teeth. Partial dentures can also be anchored with precision attachments, which are connected to crowns on surrounding teeth and allow you to snap your prosthesis in place and remove it with ease.

As with full dentures, your best bet for a partial that fits optimally is to wait about eight weeks after extraction so that your gums and jawbone tissues can heal properly and take on their new shape. At that time, one of our Gainesville, FL dentists will obtain a series of impressions of your teeth and jaws and meticulously plan your new dentures. After we have you try on several models so that we can make adjustments to the appearance, shape and position, we will cast your final partial denture.

Please call us to discuss additional questions and concerns you may have about partial dentures including:

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Exploring modern dentures: embracing technology for a life-like smile

Dentures are artificial teeth on a gum colored acrylic base which fits over the gum. Dentures replace your lost teeth. They cannot ever be like your natural teeth, but modern technology is able to provide a near natural feel, functionality, and looks. Dentures are of two main types – full or complete dentures that replace all your teeth, and partial dentures that are used for replacing only a few teeth

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