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Composite fillings to restore your smile.

Restorative dentistry in Gainesville, FL offering tooth fillings. The first thing that people observe about you when you smile, are your teeth! You can’t impress people with your smile if you have teeth that have cavities and stains. So what can be done about it? At Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL, we have the perfect solution for your crooked and carious teeth. Dr. Samant will restore your teeth by using tooth colored composite fillings that match the exact color and shade of your teeth. In this way, not only will your teeth be restored but you will also enjoy a beautiful smile and charming looks!

What are composite fillings?

Composite resin is our filling material of choice for several reasons. Composite filling materials are basically a combination of plastic materials that have been reinforced with the incorporation of glass/ silica particles. The unique quality of composite fillings is that the dentist can easily match the shade of the filling with that of the natural tooth that needs to be restored. As a result, composite fillings are barely visible whenever you smile or speak. Moreover, composite fillings also help preserve more of your natural tooth structure than amalgam (silver) fillings. This is because the dentist only needs to remove areas of decay rather than additional healthy tooth structure to place the filling. Composite resin also chemically bonds with the tooth, which helps reinforce and support it.

Who should get composite fillings?

At Smart Smile Dentistry, Dr. Samant uses composite fillings for a variety of procedures that are aimed at improving your smile and facial aesthetics.

  • Restoration of Teeth Cavities – composite fillings are perhaps the most aesthetics filling materials that are available nowadays for the restoration of teeth with cavities.
  • Removal of Old Amalgam Fillings – in the previous years, carious teeth were restored by using silver amalgam fillings. However, not only amalgam fillings were unaesthetic but studies have also shown that they can be harmful to our health. At Smart Smile Dentistry, we will replace your old amalgam fillings with tooth colored composites.
  • Composite Veneers – composites can also be used to prepare indirect fillings in the dental laboratory, which are then placed inside the teeth at the dental chairside. Highly aesthetic veneers can also be prepared from composites which can be used to restore crooked and misshaped teeth.
  • Excessive Gap Restoration – Composite fillings can also be used for the cosmetic restoration of excessive gap between adjacent teeth, also known as a diastema.

The most versatile and widely used tooth colored filling today is composite resin filling.

How are composite fillings placed at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL?

Placement of composite fillings is a simple procedure that is completed within 30 minutes.

  • Clinical Evaluation by Dr. Paivi Samant – First, Dr. Samant will perform a detailed examination of your teeth to assess the extent of your teeth cavities as well as the number of teeth that require a filling. Dr. Samant will also have a look at the radiographs of your teeth, so as to assess the extent to which the cavities have effected your teeth.
  • Removal of Cavities – Dr. Samant will then remove the cavities from your teeth, so that none of the carious tooth structure remains behind and there are minimal chances of secondary teeth cavities.
  • Etching – The first step is wash your teeth and tehn dry them out. Afterwards, Dr. Samant will apply an etching agent on your teeth to partially demineralize them. This is usually done with the help of Phosphoric acid. After about 30 seconds, the acid will be washed away and the tooth will again be dried.
  • Placement of the Filling – next, Dr. Samant will apply composite filling over the tooth. Composite fillings need to be polymerized after their application, so that they attain maximum strength and durability. This is done by exposing the composite fillings to a specific light source, usually an LED light or a Halogen lamp.
  • Finishing and Polishing – after the composite fillings have attained strength, they are polished to provide maximum aesthetics.

What are the benefits of composite fillings over other filling materials?

You would be thinking “why should I go for composite fillings when they are even more costly than amalgam fillings”? well, here’s your answer:

  • Excellent Esthetics – composites are the most aesthetics direct filling materials that are available to date. Therefore, if you are conscious about your looks and smile, then you should always consider getting composite filling.
  • Tooth Conservation – unlike the amalgam fillings which require sacrificing a lot of healthy natural tooth structure, composite fillings just need the removal of teeth cavities. Therefore, composite fillings preserve much more natural tooth structure than amalgam fillings.
  • Safety – various research studies have shown the harmful effects of amalgam fillings on your dental and physical health. On the other hand, composite fillings have almost none, or very less documented side effects on human health.
  • Reparability – another major advantage of composite fillings is that if a filling gets partially chipped or fractured, it can be easily repaired within minutes at the dental chairside, and there is no need for replacement of the whole filling.
  • Quick Procedure – composite fillings are placed within minutes at Smart Smile Dentistry. This means that you can get multiple teeth filled in less than hour, and you can utilize the time saved in completing other important tasks!

Caring for your composite fillings.

You need to take care of the following things after you get composite fillings at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, FL office:
  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – you should make sure that you regularly brush your filled teeth just like your natural ones. Failing to do so may result in the development of secondary cavities.
  • Prevent Staining – if you don’t clean your teeth after eating foods that contain dyes, there are chances that your composite fillings may get stained. The best way to prevent them is to clean your teeth, or at least rinse your mouth immediately after eating or drinking something.

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Getting a beautiful smile at Smart Smile Dentistry was never easier than this! Get your crooked and carious teeth restored By Dr. Samant today and you will once again have a reason to smile with confidence!

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