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Smart Smile Dentistry is a multidisciplinary team consisting of a General Dentist, a Prosthodontist, a Periodontist and a wonderful staff. With our experience in different dental specialties we are able to offer customized dental treatment that best suits your personal needs.

At Smart Smile Dentistry we are committed to excellence. Our doctors, hygienists, and staff are on a continuous journey to enhance their knowledge and techniques in dentistry.

It’s never too late to take the steps to eradicate past decay or trauma, rejuvenate your teeth and feel content, happy and confident again with your smile. You may know that you don’t like your smile but helping you know what you are looking for in a new and improved one is the job of the Smart Smile Dentistry Team of professionals. Dr. Samant, your Gainesville’s Dentist believes each person can have a unique and beautiful smile that enhances their appearance and self-esteem. She will go out of her way to make sure that you find that design and achieve the dream of your “perfect smile.”

We have a sterling reputation for delivering superior service and support — which is why our patients are loyal and word-of-mouth is our best form of promotion. Dr. Samant and the Smart Smile Dentistry staff’s dedication to achieving dazzling patient results is well-known and respected in the Gainesville dental community. We can’t wait to introduce you to the great oral health, superior care, and beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for, and we know that our fantastic customer service will make you recommend us to your friends! If you’re ready to have the healthy, glowing smile you’ve always wanted, call us today at (352) 376-5120!

Technology is here!! At Smart Smile Dentistry we are up to date with the latest digital technologies (digital x-rays, digital impressions and more).



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