Is seeing your dentist every 6 months enough?

Periodontist in Gainesville, FL offering maintenance for periodontal disease. After active periodontal therapy, which may include deep cleaning or a surgical procedure, you will need routine periodontal disease maintenance to prevent your condition from worsening. Gum disease requires constant vigilance so that you can avoid the bone loss, tooth loss, bad breath and numerous other problems that go along with this progressive condition.

Our periodontists in Gainesville, Florida take an individualized approach to each patient’s care, but the general guidelines for periodontal disease maintenance include more frequent dental checkups and cleanings.

While a healthy patient can get by with visiting Smart Smile Dentistry every six months, someone with periodontitis will usually need to see us every three or four months.

 Periodontal Disease Maintenance in Gainesville, FloridaAt these maintenance appointments, we visually examine your mouth and gently probe the periodontal pockets to detect even the slightest changes from your last visit. We also periodically perform X-rays to determine if loss of supporting bone tissue has occurred. If we find gum recession, areas of plaque, deeper periodontal pockets, bone loss or shifts in tooth position, we will make alterations to your treatment plan or instruct you on how to step up your at-home oral hygiene routine. These appointments also involve a deep teeth cleaning to keep the periodontal pockets free of bacteria and debris, and your maintenance therapy can additionally include placing an antibiotic such as Arestin near the tooth roots to control the growth of harmful germs.

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Smart Smile Dentistry can help you maintain a healthy mouth and treat periodontal disease with scheduled maintenance appointments. Contact our periodontist, Dr. Samant DDS at Smart Smile Dentistry in our Gainesville location today at (352) 376-5120 to schedule your appointment.