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Bad breath (halitosis) treatment options.

Dentist in Gainesville, FL offering bad breath treatments. Bad breath(halitosis) strikes us all on occasion. The warm, moist conditions of the mouth create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to proliferate and produce odors. This is especially true when you sleep with your mouth closed all night and wake up with “morning breath,” but flossing between the teeth, brushing and swishing with mouthwash usually correct the problem. Cleaning your teeth and gums only masks the odors for a while, however, your halitosis may be caused by a serious health problem that needs to be checked out by one of our Gainesville, FL dentists at Smart Smile Dentistry.

What are the main causes of bad breath/halitosis?

One of the most common causes of bad breath is inadequate oral hygiene practices. Food particles stuck between the teeth begin to decay and cause foul odors, and the tongue and other soft tissues of the mouth easily collect oral bacteria that not only cause bad breath but can also lead to periodontal disease, which will only make your halitosis worse. Dry mouth, tooth decay, abscesses and oral thrush are other dental problems that can lead to bad breath.

We correct the root cause of bad breath.

Treatment for bad breath/ halitosis explained.

When an oral health issue is to blame for your foul breath, we can correct the root cause of halitosis with advanced dental treatments such as root canal therapy or periodontal treatment. If we cannot find a dental cause for your problem, our Gainesville, Florida dentists will recommend that you see your physician to determine if your bad breath stems from a general health condition such as sinus or respiratory tract infection, diabetes, liver disease or acid reflux disease.

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