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Implant-supported full arch dentures (complete dentures).

The primary complaint of patients who wear full or complete dentures is that the fit changes over time. A complete upper denture relies on a combination of suction and muscle control to stay in place, and the complete lower denture stays in place with the help of gravity and the tongue. Even the perfect fit won’t last forever because of the jawbone deterioration that occurs in edentulous patients. The implant and prosthodontics specialists at Smart Smile Dentistry are passionate about helping every patient achieve a comfortable bite and full oral functioning, and that is why we offer implant-supported full arch replacement at our Gainesville, FL dental practice.

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At Smart Smile Dentistry, patients seeking a full arch replacement can choose between traditional dentures and implant-supported bridges. Here’s a brief overview of each:
  • Traditional Complete Dentures:
    • Construction: Consisting of artificial teeth set in a metal and acrylic base, traditional dentures sit over the gums and are designed to match gum color for a natural look. They adhere to the gums via suction or adhesives and are removable for cleaning.
    • Advantages: Cost-effective and quickly made, traditional dentures are a straightforward solution accessible to most patients.
    • Disadvantages: However, traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, cause irritation, and may slip or create noise during movement. They require regular relining and removal for cleaning, and can lead to bone resorption affecting facial structure.
  • Implant-Supported Prostheses:
    • Before exploring this advanced option, it’s crucial to understand dental implants and their growing popularity. Implants provide a more secure and permanent solution, supporting a full bridge that mimics natural teeth both in function and appearance.
Choosing the right full arch replacement is a significant decision, and at Smart Smile Dentistry, we’re committed to guiding you through the options to find the best solution for your needs and lifestyle.
A full arch replacement is recommended for several compelling reasons:
  1. Comprehensive Solution: It addresses extensive tooth loss, providing a complete and functional set of teeth, improving both aesthetics and oral health.
  2. Improved Functionality: It restores the ability to eat and speak properly, enhancing the quality of life and overall well-being.
  3. Aesthetic Benefits: Full arch replacements are designed to look like natural teeth, boosting confidence and self-esteem with a revitalized smile.
  4. Preservation of Oral Health: By replacing an entire arch, the procedure helps maintain facial structure, prevent bone loss, and support the health of remaining teeth and gums.
  5. Durability and Longevity: Full arch replacements, especially when supported by dental implants, are durable and can last many years, providing a long-term solution compared to traditional dentures.
  6. Convenience: Unlike removable dentures, a full arch replacement is fixed, eliminating the need for adhesives and the inconvenience of removing the prosthesis.
  7. Improved Comfort: Patients often find full arch replacements more comfortable than traditional dentures, as they do not move or slip, reducing irritation and discomfort.
Overall, a full arch replacement is a significant investment in one’s oral health and quality of life, offering a stable, long-lasting, and natural-looking solution for extensive tooth loss.
At Smart Smile Dentistry, an implant-supported bridge, often called a fixed full bridge, is a popular alternative to traditional removable dentures, especially when all teeth are replaced. This type of bridge is anchored securely on dental implants, offering several benefits despite its higher cost compared to conventional dentures. Implant-supported bridges allow for a more diverse diet and the ability to bite into tougher foods, thanks to the stable foundation provided by the implants. Understanding the basics of dental implants can help you appreciate the numerous advantages of opting for an implant-supported bridge for your full arch restoration.
The process of obtaining an implant bridge is comprehensive and involves several steps, including collaboration with specialists for certain procedures like bone grafting. Here’s a brief overview:
  1. Consultation and Examination: It all starts with a thorough examination, which may include visual inspections, X-rays, and 3D imaging to assess your bone quality and volume. This step helps determine if your bone can support the bridge or if additional procedures like bone grafting are needed.
  2. Tooth Extraction: Any existing teeth in the area designated for the implant bridge are removed, and time is allowed for the gums to heal.
  3. Bone and Gum Grafting: If necessary, a bone or gum tissue graft is performed, possibly at a specialized clinic, followed by a healing period to let the graft integrate properly.
  4. Placing of Implants: After your jaw has the necessary bone structure, the implants are surgically inserted at specific locations and angles. Once in place, a period is allowed for osseointegration, where the bone fuses with the implants, which can take several months.
  5. Placing the Bridge: The final step is attaching the bridge to the implants after osseointegration is complete, providing a stable and natural-looking set of teeth.
This process, while detailed and requiring several months, results in a durable and functional full-arch replacement that closely mimics natural teeth.
All-on-four implant-supported dentures provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for full-jaw tooth replacement. Rather than needing an implant for each missing tooth, this technique involves placing four strategically positioned implants per jaw to support an entire denture or bridge. In certain situations, depending on individual needs and bone structure, six or eight implants may be necessary. The all-on-four (and variants like all-on-six or all-on-eight) approach has gained popularity for its ability to offer a stable and reliable restoration of a full arch of teeth, providing patients with functionality and aesthetics similar to natural teeth.
Biocompatibility refers to the ability of a material to be accepted by the human body without adverse reactions. Titanium, used in dental implants, is one such biocompatible material. Osseointegration is a critical process that underpins the success of dental implants. It occurs when the titanium implant is placed in the jawbone, allowing bone cells to grow and integrate with the implant’s surface over several months. This fusion turns the implant into a strong, natural-like part of the body, akin to a tooth root, and potentially even more robust. However, successful osseointegration requires adequate bone density to withstand chewing forces and support the implant securely.
My dentures slip or fall, what can I do? To alleviate the embarrassment and frustration of your upper or lower denture slipping out of place, we can secure your prosthesis to your mouth, usually with four or more implants that are spread out along the arch. There are several types of dental implants and attachments used to anchor complete dentures in the jaw, and some of them allow you to remove the denture for cleaning and snap it back into place. In addition to allowing you to smile and speak without the need to concentrate on preventing denture slippage, a full arch replacement supported by implants allows you to take pleasure in eating again. Moreover, an upper implant denture only covers the alveolar ridge rather than the full palate. This gives you the chance to fully taste and feel the foods you are eating for a richer sensory experience.

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