Periodontal disease under control

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Gainesville, Florida
Dentist in Gainesville, FL offering periodontal disease treatment. The main cause of tooth loss in adults is periodontal disease. At Smart Smile Dentistry, we want you to keep your natural teeth for life, and that is why we have two periodontists on staff to treat all stages of gum disease. The earliest phase of periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is marked by puffy, bleeding gum tissues. Caused by irritation from oral bacteria, gingivitis can be reversed with professional dental teeth cleaning (prophylaxis) and increased oral hygiene measures at home.

Once pockets have formed between the gum tissues and teeth, you have moved beyond gingivitis and into true periodontal disease. At this point, your Gainesville, FL periodontist Dr. Samant will do everything possible to arrest the condition and prevent further damage from occurring.

The most commonly used initial periodontal treatment is scaling and root planing, which is also called a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning treatment involves removing debris and tartar deposits from below the gumline, followed by smoothing out the rough surfaces of the tooth roots. Your periodontist may also administer Arestin, which is a localized antibiotic placed in the periodontal pockets, to stave off further bacterial growth so that the gums can heal.

If the inflammation and periodontal pockets worsen, your periodontist in Gainesville, Florida offers a wide range of surgical periodontal treatments to remove bacteria and regenerate lost tissue in the gums or supporting alveolar bone.

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Smart Smile Dentistry can help you determine if you have gingivitis and inform you about the proper treatment for periodontal disease. Contact our periodontist, Dr. Samant DDS at Smart Smile Dentistry in our Gainesville location today at (352) 376-5120 to schedule your appointment.