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What is a hybrid implant denture?

Prosthodontist in Gainesville, FL offering a hybrid screw-retained implant dentures. A hybrid screw-retained denture is a newer type of denture that is fabricated over a metal framework rather than an acrylic base. The metal framework is primarily a precision-milled titanium bar. The bar and the attached teeth are held firmly in the mouth fastened with screws onto abutments on dental implants which have already been screwed into the jawbone at carefully selected locations. At Smart Smile Dentistry, we take pleasure in offering our edentulous patients this very reliable method of tooth replacement that ensures highly predictable results, good aesthetic appearance and functionality that is unmatched by removable dentures.
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At Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainsville, Florida, the process starts with a detailed examination of your oral health to determine the feasibility of giving you a screw-retained hybrid implant denture. Our expert dentist will take measurements of teeth and gums on both jaws and make physical models of them for precision manufacture of the denture and its support system. A digital impression of your teeth will be made, which will then be fed into a specialized software to plan the placement of four or more implants into your jawbone. This includes the locations and sizes of the implants, and design of the titanium bar framework that is going to hold your new denture.

Once the treatment plan has been finalized, your dentist in our Gainesville location will place four or more titanium implants at chosen locations in your jawbone. Your dentist will wait for about 3-6 months to allow the implants to come into close contact with the surrounding jaw bone. This process, known as osseointegration, occurs naturally with titanium structures and bone cells from the surrounding bone actually start growing into the surface of the metal thus providing a very strong natural bond. In the meantime, the metal framework is milled out of titanium according to the plan with a precision of a few micrometers.

This is done using CAD/CAM facilities. Your denture is fabricated over the titanium bar framework according to the measurements already taken. Now your (hybrid) screw-retained denture is ready for placement. The bar framework contains the necessary number of access holes at chosen locations which allows the framework to be screwed onto abutments on the implants. The experts will then fill the access holes with composite resin filling material that perfectly matches the replacement teeth on your denture.

The hybrid implant denture is held permanently on four or more implants in each jawbone, and not on your gums. Therefore, this type of prosthesis is permanent, which means that you cannot remove it like you would a conventional denture. It is not removable by the user. However, your dentist will be able to remove it if necessary. Your denture rests on dental implants rather than your gums, offering stability and less mouth irritation than a regular denture. You will care for your new prosthetic teeth as you would your natural teeth, but you may need to use a Waterpik-type instrument to clean beneath the retained denture. You can read more on denture care in the next paragraph.

The hybrid implant dentures needs just the same care as for your natural teeth except that you may need to use a Waterpik® type of instrument to clean underneath the denture. The hybrid screw-retained denture does not have the problems associated with a conventional removable denture like the need for relining. That is because avoids the bone loss associated with conventional dentures. It also offers greater stability and less mouth irritation.

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