Everything is turning digital. From phones and watches to smart homes, digital technology is being integrated into every part of our daily lives. Advancements in technology have been true game-changers in the field of dentistry. At Smart Smile Dentistry, we have embraced digital dentistry for years now.

iTero Element 2 Scanner

With the iTero Element 2 scanner, we’ve got a powerful system built to streamline our workflow, enhance our precision, and better connect with our patients. iTero Element is engineered to put the latest technology at our fingertips and make intraoral scanning simply fun. iTero Element provides high precision, speed, intuitive operations, and outstanding visualization capabilities.
Some of the amazing features of iTero Element 2:
The iTero Element 2 imaging system

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus

Planmeca’s ProMax 3D is a versatile and dynamic 2D/3D imaging system that brings new possibilities for diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient consultations.
It has been designed with an emphasis on usability and patient comfort. Its smooth positioning and imaging workflow help make using the unit both efficient and enjoyable. It allows capturing 3D images that reveal even the smallest details.

CS 1500 Camera

The CS 1500 Camera is designed to deliver precise, true-to-life images with each and every shot. With just one camera, we can perform both intra- and extraoral exams, capture still images or videos and then quickly display them on a PC monitor.
Capturing images is easier and faster than ever. From full arch to macro views, the CS 1500 Camera delivers exceptionally clear images and boasts a high still image resolution (1024 x 768). Such sharp, clear visuals ensure our patients immediately understand their options.

IRIS X90 Intraoral Camera

The IRIS X90 is an essential addition to our practice, revolutionizing patient consultations with its Gen 3 Optics. This advanced intraoral camera provides exceptionally sharp and clear images, allowing us to show patients exactly what’s happening in their mouths, rather than just telling them. It’s a game-changer in dental diagnostics and patient communication.

Digital Smile Design

At our clinic, we use cutting-edge Digital Smile Design technology to bring your dream smile to life before treatment even begins. This innovative approach allows us to show you, for the first time, compelling visuals of your future smile, creating a deep emotional connection between you and the envisioned results. It’s not just about a transformation; it’s about seeing your future self. This technology ensures you truly understand the treatment plan, moving beyond polite nods to real comprehension. Our use of Digital Smile Design sets us apart from other dental clinics, offering a uniquely powerful and personalized dental care experience. Embrace the future of dental care with us and see the difference for yourself!