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Cavity prevention with dental sealants.

Dentist in Gainesville, FL offering tooth sealants. For most adults, good oral hygiene at home, routine dental teeth cleaning (prophylaxis), professional fluoride treatments and a low-sugar diet are enough to keep cavities at bay. However, some patients may need a little extra help in the fight against tooth decay, and that is when your Gainesville, FL dentist may recommend dental sealants.

These thin, durable coatings can offer protection for up to 10 years before they wear off.

Unlike fluoride, which chemically penetrates the tooth enamel to remineralize and strengthen it, sealants are physical barriers against the acidic substances that erode the enamel and create a vulnerability to decay. Made of a clear resin material, sealants begin in liquid form, and they are painted on the occlusal (chewing) surfaces of the molars and premolars. After the liquid coats the treated area and settles into the tiny grooves and fissures of the teeth, it is hardened under a special light.

Are tooth sealants right for you?

Sealants are routinely applied to the permanent premolars and molars as they erupt in late childhood, and dental insurance usually pays for the procedure. Children and adolescents are the most likely candidates for sealing off the molars because the majority of childhood cavities occur in the small pits and fissures of these teeth that are difficult to clean. However, some medical conditions and medications make adults more vulnerable to dental caries, and sealants can be of great benefit in helping them maintain good oral health.

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