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Removable partial denture with locator attachments overview.

Prosthodontist in Gainesville, FL offering locator attachment partial dentures. If you’re bothered by the conspicuous metal clasps or instability of your partial dentures, you may want to consider locator attachment partials, which remain fixed in the mouth until you are ready to remove them.

Dentures overview.

Dentures are one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways of getting your missing natural teeth replaced. However, most people would frown upon wearing dentures simply because of the unsightly appearance of the metallic clasps and connector that are used providing retention and stability to the dentures.

Fortunately, traditional dentures are not the only option that is available for patients who are in need of replacement teeth. Denture technology has evolved significantly, and there are new methods of attaching dentures within the mouth that have been designed to affix a patients’ dentures more securely and more consistently through the use of denture locator implants.

What if you could still wear dentures without any of these metallic attachments? Yes, it’s possible at our Smart Smile Dentistry office in Gainesville, Florida! All you need is one or more implants, a denture and a very minute connector that will help in seating your denture and making sure that it remains in place. Such a denture is called a locator attachment partial denture.

Locator attachment partials in Gainesville, FL.

A locator attachment partial denture is simply a denture that is supported by one or more implants which contain special inconspicuous “locator attachments” that ensure that your dentures not only remain firmly retentive inside the oral cavity, but also they can only be removed when you want them to. These dentures do not contain any other metallic extensions such as clasps, which are unsightly, uncomfortable for the patient and also create difficulties during insertion and removal of the dentures.

Getting your locator attachment partial dentures at Smart Smile Dentistry.

At Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida our prosthodontist will provide you with very high quality and aesthetically pleasing dentures. Fabrication of locator attachment partial dentures requires the following steps:

• Clinical Evaluation – our team of dentists at smart smile dentistry, Gainesville FL will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, so as to make sure that you are a suitable candidate for getting locator attachment partial dentures.
• Placement of Dental Implants – for getting your locator attachment partial dentures, you first need to get your missing teeth replaced by dental implants, so that a locator attachment can be placed over the implant. Our dentist will make you comfortable and pain-free by administering local anesthesia. Next, a surgical procedure will be performed to place dental implants at the required position.
• Getting your Dentures – once the implant surgical site has completely healed, our prosthodontist will provide you with very high quality while taking special care to improve your smile and facial aesthetics. These dentures will contain a plastic attachment at the base which will mate with the corresponding attachment on the implant. In this way, your dentures will never slip out of your mouth, and you will only remove them when you have to.

This type of prosthesis consists of a partial denture that is snapped onto dental implants, which your qualified dentist at Smart Smile Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida will insert into the jawbone.

Process of installing locator attachment partials.

To obtain locator attachment partials, you must first undergo dental implant placement, which can be performed in our office under local anesthesia. After the tissues in the jawbone bond with the implants and secure them in position, we will fit you with an aesthetically pleasing partial that has plastic locator attachments at the base. These attachments allow you to easily lock your partial into place and remove it when necessary.

Caring instructions for dental locator attachment partials.

Locator attachments require diligent care to prevent them from prematurely wearing down. This care includes removing your partials for cleaning and not wearing them while you sleep. Removal also allows you to thoroughly remove food debris that may collect beneath your prosthesis and clean the tissues around the implants for optimal gum health.

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