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What is ARESTIN®?

ARESTIN® is an antibiotic that is placed in the pockets between your gums and teeth after a scaling and root planing procedure is performed. This medication contains tiny particles that slowly release the antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride around the tooth roots. Placing the medication at the site of the infection is far more effective than taking an oral antibiotic.

ARESTIN is the only antibiotic that helps fight gum disease at the site of infection.

The one-two punch of deep cleaning and ARESTIN® not only helps keep bacteria at bay but has also been proven to reduce the size of periodontal pockets.
While most patients tolerate this antibiotic therapy well, not everyone is a good candidate. Our Gainesville, FL dentist can determine if ARESTIN® would be a beneficial component of your ongoing periodontal disease treatment plan.

How ARESTIN® helps with periodontal disease

ARESTIN® is applied directly to the infected area in the form of microspheres—tiny, bead-like particles that contain the antibiotic. This direct application ensures that the medication is delivered right where it's needed, increasing its effectiveness in fighting the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.
The microspheres are designed to release minocycline slowly over time. This extended release helps maintain effective antibiotic levels in the periodontal pockets for an extended period, typically for up to 21 days after application. This prolonged action helps reduce bacterial colonization in the gum pockets and aids in the healing of the gum tissue.
By effectively reducing the bacteria and infection in the periodontal pockets, ARESTIN® can help reduce the depth of these pockets. Decreased pocket depth is an important goal in the management of periodontal disease, as it can lead to better oral hygiene, making it easier to clean teeth effectively and maintain gum health.
ARESTIN® is usually administered in conjunction with scaling and root planing (SRP), a mechanical cleaning procedure that removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line. The combination of SRP and ARESTIN® has been shown to be more effective in reducing periodontal pocket depth than SRP alone.

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