Dr Paivi Samant DDS - General Restorative Dentistry in Gainesville Florida

The trademark of Dr. Paivi Samant’s dental practice in Gainesville, FL has always been an individual approach to dental care because, when it comes to a person’s smile, there is no one-size-fits-all. Dr. Samant, who founded the practice a decade ago, says, “First and foremost we take time and listen to our patients. Our dental team looks at all the factors when creating our patients’ treatment plans, with the goal of getting each person back to optimal function—feeling good, looking great, eating and speaking well.” Her new business name “Smart Smile Dentistry,” reflects the specialty care and commitment she and her team place on keeping our smiles bright.

In 2014, Dr. Samant moved her practice to a bright, welcoming new space that reflects the essence of her dental philosophy. Smart Smile Dentistry integrates familiar tools with digital technology, from digital x-rays to intra-oral scanning to conebeam imaging. Although the technology is exciting, it’s really all about providing the best experience for the patient, says Dr. Samant: “Our practice is focused on red-carpet customer service. We love our patients, and appreciate the trust they put in us. Every individual is different, with different expectations and needs, and we respect that here.”

Please contact dentist, Dr. Samant DDS at Smart Smile Dentistry in our Gainesville location today at (352) 376-5120 to discuss any of your oral health needs or to schedule an appointment with our dental office. Thank you.

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